• Windows 10 SMART Upgrading

    A juicy, tender steak notwithstanding, most things are better when they have reached their full maturity. A fine wine needs aged properly and no one wants to eat an undercooked hamburger; salmonella and e-coli do not add to the flavor of the meat. During adolescence we race toward that goal of becoming “mature”, more than happy to strut our stuff once we’ve reached it. After all, no one walks around the halls of a high school shouting, “Woo hoo! I’m a fresh-MAN!”

    I could go on and on about the dangers of premature                                     (insert any word here), the only thing that is really perfect before it is complete is the game of Mad Libs. So why do responsible, grown adults flock to untested and untried technology faster than Superman can get out of the phone booth?

    The Immediate Upgrade Craze

    There is simply an addiction in the world today; a craze, almost completely uncontrollable that people demand having the newest and best of whatever it is in the technological world. How many people took home the iPhone 6 before finding out about its similarities to Stretch Armstrong? While I admit at times I have fallen prey to this phenomena myself a time or two, the rule has become fact—regardless of the damage it could do to one’s important information.

    Beta testers and industry experts don’t count in this as they are professionals searching to make sure the technology is functioning properly. End users (people like me), however, are best protected when practicing a little patience in this realm and ensure that whatever piece of hardware or software they purchase is fully mature and ready to work properly with their existing system.

    Windows 10 Upgrading

    According to c|net, “Those who have to wait indefinitely to get Windows 10 may not be thrilled if they were hoping to have it by July 29. It’s kind of like not being able to open a Christmas present until after Christmas. But Microsoft’s cautious approach may end up serving the company well. Despite all the internal and external testing that’s been done on Windows 10, the new operating system is still just that — new. And though Myerson said that Microsoft has seen ‘full compatibility today with the vast majority of Windows 8x and Windows 7x systems,’ there are still likely to be glitches and incompatibilities with some systems out there. Doing the rollout in stages gives Microsoft time to resolve those issues so the versions of Windows 10 launched after July 29 are more rock-solid.”

    This is why we here at B2 Technology Solutions are proud to announce that we will NOT be immediately transitioning our clients over to Windows 10. While we are fully confident in its value as an operating system, we want to have some time to fully test the software ourselves in its final, published version and make sure (double-check) that it will work with the applications and systems that our clients utilize.

    Changes in Store with Windows 10

    There are many changes in store for the new Windows 10, including a stronger Start menu and a new web browser, Edge. Not only that, but according to TechRadar, “Windows 10 will see the spread of Cortana, Microsoft’s Siri and Google Now competitor, into Windows PCs and tablets in addition to phones. [Microsoft’s Joe] Belfiore demonstrated colloquial queries like, “Show me photos from December,” to which Cortana summoned images within that time period immediately. The idea here is to make key pain points in interacting with a PC easier than before through voice.” The system will also improve gaming functionality with compatibility with Xbox, stronger enterprise setups and increased security.

    We know that as much as the new technology is alluring, the risks it could pose to your business can be frightful. Loss of productivity, crashed systems, expensive data and hardware replacements are just a few examples of reasons why you want to ensure that the upgrade is the best thing for you. Certainly, we want you to be excited about Windows 10 (learn about some of its awesome features below), but we also want to protect and help grow your businesses as they navigate through technology’s rough waters.

    Make sure your business is making the SMART decision; be a bit patient and make sure the upgrade moves you forward, not backward. Starting August 19th, B2 Technology Solutions will be offering Windows 10 upgrades for your business that will include compatibility tests to ensure it will work with all your current equipment and software and full support after the transition. If you have any questions or would like to get an upgrade scheduled for your office, please call us anytime at 239-214-0686.

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