• What To Do With Old Tech?

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    Old technology?

    Well you know what they say about, “one man’s trash …”‘

    One option is frequenting the numerous online buyback programs and trade-in services to sell your less than fresh technology.

    According to an evaluation done by PC WorldeBay Instant Sale is great for smart phones and iPadsGazelle is the place for laptops, and if you are wanting to shed that Amazon tablet, surf no further than BuyBackWorld. Other sites come in as runners up, such as, BuyMyTronics, NextWorth, andYouRenew. Old stand-bys like Best Buy and RadioShack, don’t even warrant a second look.

    Of course there are always eBay Auctions and Craigslist, where you could get anything from the retail value of the gadget to frustration induced headaches.

    Maybe the money is not your top priority, or you would just rather exchange that iPad for a spot of philanthropic feeling, well there are a number ofcharitable organizations that would gratefully accept your discarded devices.

    Even if your old computer, digital camera or computer accessories are broken, the National Cristina Foundation may be able to donate the gear to nonprofits. One group uses the donations to teach disadvantaged or disabled people marketable computer skills by fixing broke-down tech. Check cristina.org for a list of acceptable devices and shipping instructions.

    Have a drawer full of old cell phones? Well, they may not be able to text-message or shoot video clips, but they can be refurbished enough to dial 911. The Wireless Foundation’s Call to Protect program takes all cell phones, batteries, chargers and other accessories–regardless of condition–refurbishes them, and provides them as emergency lifelines for survivors of domestic violence. Download prepaid postage at wirelessfoundation.org/CallToProtect.

    Also keep in mind many retailers, such as Dell and Apple, offer discounts on new equipment if you trade in your old stuff… and if you really run out of options you can always pry the keys of your old keyboards to play Scrabble… but just so you know, you’ll need at least 12 “E” tiles – which means 12 keyboards.

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