• What the iPhone 5 Could Mean for the Construction Industry

    The release of Apple’s latest iPhone has people buzzing across industries of all types. Because of the impact that these ubiquitous devices have had in the past, representatives from a range of sectors are clamoring to know how this new release is going to benefit their particular industries.

    In the construction world, as mobile technology becomes increasingly more important (and competition is fierce), iOS fans are hopeful that the iPhone 5’s new features will set it apart from the other options available.

    The two most important features for the construction industry are improved battery life and a faster A6 processor. The boost in battery life is a definite benefit, allowing users more usage without seeking out a charger on a job site. The prospect of a more robust processor, however, could mean vast improvements in proprietary applications for on-the-job iPhone use. The A6 is supposedly twice as fast as the A5 in the iPhone 4S, and this means better load times for highly graphical applications, faster refresh rates, and the capability to run more advanced software. This is, in fact, a more powerful processor than the one featured in the iPad 2. This new model also includes 4G LTE capabilities, improving connectivity when Wi-Fi is unavailable.

    Only time will tell how effective the iPhone 5 will be for construction industry professionals, but many of the features indicate a powerful device that could mean another big advancement for on-site mobile use.

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