• What Makes a Great IT Service Provider?

    Recently, Forbes Magazine published an article on the 4 Hallmarks of A Great Managed Service Provider. As we discussed the contents of the article among our team, we were surprised that the 4 hallmarks did not, in fact, include a deep knowledge of the Force, comical interpretations of chemical pairings, MCU fan fiction, or even words-per-minute typed in binary code.

    While news of this saddened us briefly, we were then encouraged to learn that the article did include a really fun advertisement about how to get more IT work done. I don’t remember who it was from, but the guy had really silly, long hair. Which, if you know anything about information technology, is only right about 15% of the time.

    In all seriousness, it was very encouraging to see that this article viewed the IT service providers as the heroes of the story. Finally, no more just being the comic relief! In fact, “Today, they may be a company’s greatest hope for surviving and thriving in a post-pandemic world” (Forbes). Believe it or not, but IT is vital for a sustainable, long-term company. Gone are the days of basement-dwelling bagel-bite eating IT managers who put McAfee on everyone’s machine and go back to reading Gene Roddenberry.

    No, your IT professional should be doing these 4 things for you – and the good ones are. Are yours?

    1. Help streamline and lower costs, allowing higher profit margins and a sleeker sales process.
    2. Develop ideas for better ways to do things (not just OTHER ways to do things).
    3. Watch your back! Protecting vulnerability is key here.
    4. Make you happy. Your IT professional should never make you feel dumb, or an annoyance, or less adept at your job because IT is not their job.

    If you want this kind of potential success for your company, make sure to put in the effort to find the right IT team (whether hiring internally or outsourcing externally) that will humbly achieve these benchmarks and help drive your company to the next level. B2 Solutions strives to do this for each of our clients – as long as we aren’t in the middle of watching our “stories” or eating bon-bons.

    And if they are any good at all, they will provide you with a laugh or two along the way. And the best have Nerf toys hidden around the office for anyone’s needed stress relief.

    Nerf stress relief

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