• SignNow Lets You Sign Documents From Your Computer or Smartphone

    As the inevitable shift to digital filing and paperless offices continues to become more and more apparent, documents that require physical signature are becoming a bit of a headache. You have to print, sign, scan, and return – and some offices (let alone home offices) don’t even have printers or scanners anymore. When documents are transferred digitally, it really is quite the hassle to create a physical copy, just to convert it back to its digital form.

    Enter SignNow, an application designed specifically to eliminate that issue. SignNow is centered around digital signatures, or more specifically, a digital version of your physical signature.

    With SignNow, you can upload a digital document, and draw (with touchscreen, mouse, or trackpad) your signature in the necessary field. You can also type in your signature, or upload an existing image of it. With the uploaded digital document, SignNow also has the option to add text boxes and “sticky notes” as indicators for specific clauses or areas for others to sign.

    When you are finished adding signatures, text boxes, and sticky notes, you simply enter an email address and send the freshly signed document on its way. You may also add CC emails and invite others to sign.

    SignNow, most importantly, is free. It doesn’t require registration or anything of the sort, you simply upload your document, add what you need to, and move on. There are, of course, options to create an account and store signatures for quick access, and a beta version of a “Pro” account, sure to roll out more features like templates and advanced security features.

    The application is also rolling out for iPhone, Android, and iPad, further increasing its convenience and quickness.

    For security, emails are encrypted and documents are deleted once sent.  The entire site utilizes high level SSL encryption to maximize the safety of your data.

    Even if you aren’t signing documents yourself, uploading a document to SignNow, adding a sticky note indicate the required field, and inviting a user to sign is a great way to get the signatures you need for your own documents.

    The whole thing is quite simple, and elegant because of it. The biggest perk of all, as previously mentioned, is that it is completely free, and does not require registration. It shows their intentions, that the company really is after solutions and ease of use.  Next time you need to sign an electronic document, don’t waste time and resources with the print-sign-scan model. Instead give SignNow a shot and see how it works for you.

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