• Cloud-Based Computing Continues to Expand in Construction

    As more and more software shifts toward online storage, web-based applications, and generally “cloud-based” services, the construction industry is no exception. In fact, industries that take place largely in the field stand to gain the most from this move to the cloud.

    Much like mobile devices, cloud-based computing allows for access to important information on the job site, without the need for portable data storage. Beyond on-site benefits, though, having web-based software and data storage helps smooth out potential difficulties in collaboration – ensuring that different parties are looking at identical data, using same software, etc.

    The benefits of current technologies are obvious, and new software continues to be developed to maximize the impact of data available in the cloud, from online document signing like Document Exchange to Sefaira’s sustainable design analysis software. Project managers are able to use a growing number of resources to keep projects on track, and perhaps more importantly, to maintain a smooth transition from conceptual and design stages to actual on-site construction.

    It will be interesting to watch this technology continue to expand as it has in a variety of industries. The potential is virtually limitless, and innovative programmers and developers, working closely with construction industry experts, will surely surprise us with unique approaches to long-standing problems (and unforeseen issues as well). So far, cloud-based services have been instrumental in closing the gap between fragmented portions of the construction industry, creating consistency in formatting, communication, and accountability – a trend that is sure to continue.

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