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tech-supportBeing a client of B2 Technology Solutions means that we are actively looking out for your profitability and future success. Tech support is a huge part of what we do and why we have been successful. The button in the site header is for any client of ours to login into our customer portal, view invoices and service as well as creating and managing help desk tickets.

Are you looking for some immediate tech support? Whether or not you are a client of B2, the instant support button (below) is to help us easily walk you through any problems you may be having with your computer, regardless of where that computer physically is.

Instant Support

We have a list of frequently asked questions for any client or visitor to help make their support requests quick, easy and as affordable as possible. If you do not see here what you are looking for, please contact us right away.

  • Should I click on that link in an email from someone I don't know?

    Simply, put, no. It is never a good idea to click on any links or open any attachments from an unknown sender. You also want to look closely at the email addresses people use to send you emails, as spammers and scammers will create and use email addresses that look very close to the real thing. Make sure to watch closely to avoid any virus pitfalls!

  • I bought a new computer and I can't find Microsoft Office. Doesn't it come pre-installed?

    Although Microsoft Office comes pre-installed on many new machines, a purchased license is still required to activate the software.

  • Can I still get a virus if I'm using a Mac?

    Yes. While it may seem malware is more prevalent on PCs, Macs are by no means immune to infection. It's always important to invest in effective malware protection, regardless of your operating system.

  • Do I have to pay to upgrade to Windows 10?

    If you are currently running Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 the upgrade is free to you if you do so within the first year of the release. If you are running any version of Windows prior to Windows 7 you will need to pay for a license key, but you will want to check with an IT Specialist before upgrading to check if you system is up for the task.

  • Is it better to hold on to my current computer and have it fixed, or purchase a new one?

    This answer depends a lot on your current computer and the issue that you are having. If the issue is minor; for example a virus, a bad hard drive, or power supply, you may be better off fixing your current computer, if it is not too old. However, if the issue is more advanced, such as the motherboard or processor (the brain of the computer), the fix could be more than the value of the computer. In the end it is best to have this looked at by a professional to help you make your decision.

  • Where is the ANY key?

    Somewhere between Key Largo and Key West.

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