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  • Electronic Bidding in the Construction Industry

    More and more industries are shifting toward paperless operation, digitizing files and forms and moving data from filing cabinets to hard drives and cloud-based storage solutions. Yet while this trend continues to move forward throughout many industries, the construction bidding process seems woefully left behind. We all know that the bidding process is no simple […]

  • Beware of Fake Charities

    In the wake of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, there has been a steep increase in foundations and charitable organizations contributing to the relief efforts. Unfortunately, this has also created an opportunity for scam artists and thieves to set up fake charities, luring would-be donators into giving away their money with no intention of […]

  • Cloud-Based Computing Continues to Expand in Construction

    As more and more software shifts toward online storage, web-based applications, and generally “cloud-based” services, the construction industry is no exception. In fact, industries that take place largely in the field stand to gain the most from this move to the cloud. Much like mobile devices, cloud-based computing allows for access to important information on […]

  • 30 Years of MS-DOS: A Retrospective

    Read time (bolded): 3 minutes Read time (comprehensive): 5 minutes   Strip away the 3D rendering and the translucent menus. Forget about drop down menus, scroll bars, and handy application icons. Abandon your mouse. Get rid of all the flash of the OS interface as we know it, and look back three decades to that […]

  • Battle of The Servers: Cloud vs. Dedicated

    Read time (bolded): 6 Minutes Read time (comprehensive): 8 minutes   As the Internet expands and new technologies develop (as they always do), there must be a debate over new versus old; whether a new technology is too unreliable, or an old technology is too archaic. Presently, that very argument is taking place regarding hosting technology. […]

  • Simple Maintenance for PC Longevity

        Read time (bolded): 4 minutes Read time (comprehensive): 8 minutes   Nobody likes a broken computer, that moment when you realize just how loud the fan is, or how long it’s taking to load some small file. There’s also, of course, the gut wrenching, panic inducing Blue Screen of Death. Suddenly, you become […]

  • QR Codes: Necessity of Novelty?

    Read time (bolded): 5 minutes Read time (comprehensive): 9 minutes If somehow you’ve missed the recent marketing craze over QR codes, there’s no doubt that you would recognize one, even if you have no idea what it’s for or what it’s called. QR codes, or Quick Response codes are essentially a new version of a […]

  • Prying Eyes: A Primer for Responsible Social Networking

    Read time (bolded) – 5 minutes Read time (comprehensive) – 8 minutes   We’ve all heard the chatter: murmurs about a teenage girl losing her job because of a Facebook status update, or some guy calling in sick to work, only to have his (dated) fishing trip photos making the rounds on Flickr. As social […]

  • Delete Files Effectively

    Read time (bolded) – 4 minutes Read time (comprehensive) 7 minutes When you delete something, you want it gone. Whether it’s documents cluttering up your desktop, archived information from a job you haven’t had in years, or all-too-painful photos of you and your former flame, when you send something to the trash (or recycle bin), […]

  • Real World Lessons for Online Interactions

    Read Time (bolded) – 7 minutes Read Time (comprehensive) – 12 minutes The Internet can sometimes feel very removed from the real world. Avatars and user names create new identities; introverts can acquire thousands of friends. There is a (false) sense of anonymity and safety in communicating through a computer instead of on the phone […]

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