Category: Online Privacy

  • Technology and the Election Cycle

    No matter what side of the political aisle you are on, this year’s election has engrossed the nation. People are literally hanging on every word coming from the candidates and thanks to the development of technology, that is now easier than ever. The 1980s brought us the unending news-cycle, using television to offer a constant […]

  • The “ISP Snooping Bill”

    Read time (bolded): 4 minutes Read time (comprhensive): 6 minutes   There seems to be a veritable chasm between the two sides of the “ISP Snooping Bill,” and rightfully so. It is a tense issue, to say the least. The bill, dubiously called the “Protecting Children From Internet Pornographers Act of 2011,” has been making […]

  • The Internet Regulation Debate

    Read time (bolded): 4 minutes Read time (comprehensive): 7 minutes   The conversation has been going on for years, but in the past several months, a particularly hot topic has come back into the public discussion. That topic, subject of much debate around the world, is Internet regulation. The issue is on the tongues of […]

  • Best Practices for Stronger Passwords

      Read time (bolded): 2 minutes Read time (comprehensive): 5 minutes Password security, as all Internet users should be aware, is the first line of defense against any breach of your personal information. Creating strong passwords can keep your accounts safe. Changing them regularly will keep your accounts even safer! There are a variety of […]

  • Online Privacy in the Workplace – Things to Consider

    Read time (bolded): 1 minutes Read time (comprehensive): 5-10 minutes It’s easy to think of it as your own – the computer you sit down in front of each morning, the one surrounded by your personal knick-knacks and photographs. The data inside, your browser history and the e-mails you send – these are your personal, […]

  • Safe Social Media

    Read time (bolded): 2 minutes Read time (comprehensive): 10-15 minutes Social networking represents one of the most exciting developments in communication technologies that has come along since the invention of e-mail. Having become incredibly popular and widely adopted in a very short amount of time, services like Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and LinkedIn represent a paradigm […]

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