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  • What Makes a Great IT Service Provider?

    Recently, Forbes Magazine published an article on the 4 Hallmarks of A Great Managed Service Provider. As we discussed the contents of the article among our team, we were surprised that the 4 hallmarks did not, in fact, include a deep knowledge of the Force, comical interpretations of chemical pairings, MCU fan fiction, or even […]

  • Editorial Tuesday | Business Competition Stinks

    I am not a fan of business competition. While I do appreciate the free market and how competition drives innovation and efficiency, the connotation it carries with it is morose. I could get into a bevy of conversations on numerous aspects of business competition, no one would read through it; after all, this is a […]

  • Looking Ahead with Hindsight: Goals for 2017

    A brief look through your social media stream may convince you that 2016 was a year to be left behind and quickly forgotten, but don’t be hasty in your purposeful forgetfulness. While all of us had ups and downs this past year, there are many things from 2016 that are worth celebrating and remembering as […]

  • Technology and the Election Cycle

    No matter what side of the political aisle you are on, this year’s election has engrossed the nation. People are literally hanging on every word coming from the candidates and thanks to the development of technology, that is now easier than ever. The 1980s brought us the unending news-cycle, using television to offer a constant […]

  • IT Management is Not the Place to Practice Your Life Hacks

    Everybody is looking for a life hack these days. Whether it is a series of photos showing you how to use your toaster on its side how to create a phone stand out of an old cassette case, there are millions of ideas out there that people have come up with to make their lives […]

  • What Quality Hardware has to do With My Omelets – and Your Business

    I have always enjoyed cooking. Though I have tried working on a variety of different culinary subsets, my specialties generally hover around the grill and the breakfast table. To the surprise of many friends, I even went through a salad phase – finding fun different ways to make them; I was never able to enjoy […]

  • IT Goal Setting as a New Year’s Resolution

    Well, friends, 2016 is finally here. Time to reset, refresh, and resolve to do things better than last year. This is the time of year when the word “goals” come to mind a lot, often so much so that it is common to push it back with a few glasses of wine. The problem with […]

  • Happy Holidays From Your Friends in IT

    It’s that time of year, where the world falls in love a frenzy. Silver bells are ringing and the snow is falling. Wait a minute, we live in southwest Florida. Down here, the only bells we hear are those of the car horns of our love filled neighbors bearing down on us for the last […]

  • How “The Flash” Taught Me a Lesson in Information Technology

    Being a fan of the CW’s “The Flash”, I am quite intrigued by this whole multi-dimensional world idea. I mean, if there are already 52 different portals leading to different dimensions in Central City alone, then how many must there be around the rest of the world? The thought of that is pretty cool, but […]

  • Why Should You Care About Hosted VoIP Phone Service?

    The power of choice is an incredible, if not completely frustrating opportunity to determine paths. Choice, or free will, is something owned by every person on the planet, yet is often one of the scariest realizations of maturity. While questions like Coke vs. Pepsi or whether or not to purchase cable television can be infuriating, […]

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