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  • Computer Problems Common Sense

    I often get asked outside of work to help people I know with computer problems. The requests always manage to start out the same way. “Since you are a tech head…” My desired response is to let them know, unequivocally, that I am not a tech head (or techhie, or anything else), but that I […]

  • Data Storage and Backup | Some Tasty Thoughts

    McDonald’s flagship burger, the Big Mac, just became a middle child. No longer is it just two all beef patties and the rest. They recently announced the start of the Grand Mac and Mac Jr. (CNN). My dad always bought it because of the special sauce. Interestingly enough, the inventor of the Big Mac died […]

  • Preparing for the Hurricane | Today and in the Future

    I am not originally from Florida; I’m from the land of tornadoes and corn stalks. While I have lived in and loved the sunshine state for many years now, I have not yet experienced a hurricane (and hopefully that still holds true through this next week). The storms in the heartland are vast and powerful, though […]

  • What the iPhone 5 Could Mean for the Construction Industry

    The release of Apple’s latest iPhone has people buzzing across industries of all types. Because of the impact that these ubiquitous devices have had in the past, representatives from a range of sectors are clamoring to know how this new release is going to benefit their particular industries. In the construction world, as mobile technology […]

  • Online Privacy in the Workplace – Things to Consider

    Read time (bolded): 1 minutes Read time (comprehensive): 5-10 minutes It’s easy to think of it as your own – the computer you sit down in front of each morning, the one surrounded by your personal knick-knacks and photographs. The data inside, your browser history and the e-mails you send – these are your personal, […]

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