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  • Technology Advances in Film and the Office

    Being that we are a technology firm, it is perfectly acceptable to speculate on the nerdiness of our staff. I may or may not have multiple superhero action figures strewn across my office and there might possibly be a giant Boba Fett sticker staring into my office from out in the hallway. One of the […]

  • Technology Trends for the New Year

    Far superior to its 8-bit predecessor, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System boasted major gains in technology along with the upgrade to 16-bit processing. Aided by experience and competition, the SNES still holds ground as one of the top gaming systems ever, at least according to VentureBeat. While I was immensely excited to get my hands […]

  • New Technologies that Change the Game

    We can all breathe a collective sigh of relief now that football season is officially over. It’s over, anyway, for those people who do not live under rocks. Since we here at B2 Technology Solutions will help any business that is looking for that Great User Experience, and we don’t judge anyone’s home life, I […]

  • Is Slack’s Team Communication App Attempting to Murder Email?

    What’s the deal with Slack? No, it’s not the beginning of a Jerry Seinfeld joke. But it is a question I was recently asked by a client. He had stumbled upon this new communication tool featured in Inc. magazine called Slack, and apparently it’s taking the business world by storm. In his research, my client […]

  • The Death of a Technology … Or a Lesson in Better Decision Making

    There appears to be a growing obsession with death in our culture these days. For example, the zombie fan base, a long-time sub-genre of horror movies, has now become mainstream with the extreme popularity of television shows like “The Walking Dead” and movies such as “World War Z”. This phenomenon with death and similar dark […]

  • Windows 10 SMART Upgrading

    A juicy, tender steak notwithstanding, most things are better when they have reached their full maturity. A fine wine needs aged properly and no one wants to eat an undercooked hamburger; salmonella and e-coli do not add to the flavor of the meat. During adolescence we race toward that goal of becoming “mature”, more than […]

  • What the iPhone 5 Could Mean for the Construction Industry

    The release of Apple’s latest iPhone has people buzzing across industries of all types. Because of the impact that these ubiquitous devices have had in the past, representatives from a range of sectors are clamoring to know how this new release is going to benefit their particular industries. In the construction world, as mobile technology […]

  • Cloud-Based Computing Continues to Expand in Construction

    As more and more software shifts toward online storage, web-based applications, and generally “cloud-based” services, the construction industry is no exception. In fact, industries that take place largely in the field stand to gain the most from this move to the cloud. Much like mobile devices, cloud-based computing allows for access to important information on […]

  • SignNow Lets You Sign Documents From Your Computer or Smartphone

    As the inevitable shift to digital filing and paperless offices continues to become more and more apparent, documents that require physical signature are becoming a bit of a headache. You have to print, sign, scan, and return – and some offices (let alone home offices) don’t even have printers or scanners anymore. When documents are […]

  • The Smartphone Revolution

    Read time (bolded): 5 minutes Read time (comprehensive): 3 minutes    There is no question that we are in the midst of a mobile Internet explosion. Smartphones, namely Android and iPhone products, are flying off the shelves in record numbers (not to mention tablets/iPads).  The advent of 4G networks, incorporated Flash software, and the ever-increasing […]

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