• What Makes a Great IT Service Provider?

    Recently, Forbes Magazine published an article on the 4 Hallmarks of A Great Managed Service Provider. As we discussed the contents of the article among our team, we were surprised that the 4 hallmarks did not, in fact, include a deep knowledge of the Force, comical interpretations of chemical pairings, MCU fan fiction, or even […]

  • Massive Data Breach

    We would not be doing our job if we didn’t watch out for breaches like this. Our intent is not to scare you, but to make sure you are well informed and can avoid the numerous problems that arise from a data breach like this. You may have never heard of They are a […]

  • computer-problems

    Computer Problems Common Sense

    I often get asked outside of work to help people I know with computer problems. The requests always manage to start out the same way. “Since you are a tech head…” My desired response is to let them know, unequivocally, that I am not a tech head (or techhie, or anything else), but that I […]

  • Business Competition with Animals

    Editorial Tuesday | Business Competition Stinks

    I am not a fan of business competition. While I do appreciate the free market and how competition drives innovation and efficiency, the connotation it carries with it is morose. I could get into a bevy of conversations on numerous aspects of business competition, no one would read through it; after all, this is a […]

  • Data Storage and Backup | Some Tasty Thoughts

    McDonald’s flagship burger, the Big Mac, just became a middle child. No longer is it just two all beef patties and the rest. They recently announced the start of the Grand Mac and Mac Jr. (CNN). My dad always bought it because of the special sauce. Interestingly enough, the inventor of the Big Mac died […]

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