About B2 Technology Solutions

After spending around 8 years in the information technology (IT) industry working for other companies, Brett Bisbe founded B2 Technology Solutions in 2008. Fueled by a passion for friendships and an ability to quickly resolve detailed technical issues, Brett realized he had something special on his hands as he saw success doing the one thing that typically draws fear into the very heart of an IT professional: working with people. Brett holds a unique strength that is rarely seen in information technology; a desire to work with people and an understanding of how to communicate technical information in a way that encourages and empowers even the least technical individual. By being a friend to clients, he has earned a deep level of trust that has turned into client relationships that have lasted many years.

  • Brett Bisbe, Owner

    Brett has been working in information technology since 2000 and has developed a passion for making sure people are using the correct technology for their business, so that it improves business performance. When he is not working for his clients or involved in the many non-profits he supports, he enjoys spending time relaxing with his family. Favorite Movie: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

  • Phil Stalnaker, M.A., Business Director

    Phil joined the B2 team in 2015, coming from an extensive background in marketing/sales, web development and project management. He also specializes with education and non-profit organizations to supply discounted technology services. His focus is to make sure B2 stays strong and healthy as a business well into the future. When not at the office, he can be found with people, enjoying time with his wife and kids or serving at their church. His passion is to help people use technology to free up time for others. Favorite Movie: Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog

  • Michelle Lewis, Billing and Administration

    Being passionate about how technology can add simplicity and efficiency to work and home, Michelle joined the team in 2012, yet she has been working in the tech field since 2006. When is not focused on invoices and spreadsheets, she loves spending time with her family, watching sports and reading. Favorite Movie: The Blind Side

  • Rob Reilly, Information Technology Specialist

    Rob has been working in technology since 2013, joining the team at B2 a year later. His youth gives him a vibrant energy for how things tick. Rob believes that it’s great to know of the devices in today’s technological world, but it’s incredible to comprehend them. When he is not focused on learning as much as he can in the tech world, he enjoys playing video games and working on cars. Favorite Movie: Star Wars

  • Chauncey Davis, Information Technology Specialist

    Chauncey joins the team with over 24 years’ experience in Technical Support in the Corporate IT world, working from small companies to international corporations. His experience and broad knowledge will provide you with a Great User Experience. Chauncey enjoys traveling, photography, SCUBA Diving and spending time with his Dachshund, Jack Jack. He is a NAUI Dive Master just about to be come a NAUI Dive Instructor. Favorite Movie: Young Frankenstein & Murder by Death

Information Technology Can Be a Friendly Term

When B2 brings on a new client, we invest in the relationship for the long run. We put effort into our clients and their success so they are able to stay long-term and grow with us over the years. This is why many of our clients have been around since the company started. Sticking with a calculated and consistent growth plan, B2 is staying true to its mission of being your business technology partner while expanding our service base so that we are efficient experts at all the technology your business needs to be relevant, successful and profitable.

We help manage your business, so you can focus on the things that are important.

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