Archive: February 2016

  • IT Management is Not the Place to Practice Your Life Hacks

    Everybody is looking for a life hack these days. Whether it is a series of photos showing you how to use your toaster on its side how to create a phone stand out of an old cassette case, there are millions of ideas out there that people have come up with to make their lives […]

  • New Technologies that Change the Game

    We can all breathe a collective sigh of relief now that football season is officially over. It’s over, anyway, for those people who do not live under rocks. Since we here at B2 Technology Solutions will help any business that is looking for that Great User Experience, and we don’t judge anyone’s home life, I […]

  • Revisiting Windows 10 Operating System

    It has now been roughly six months since the public release of Windows 10. According to one of our previous blog posts in July of 2015, it was best to wait; “A juicy, tender steak notwithstanding, most things are better when they have reached their full maturity. A fine wine needs aged properly and no […]

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