Archive: January 2016

  • What Online Backup and the New England Patriots Have to do With Mother Nature

    Dealing with loss is never easy. Seeing someone else go through loss can be even more heart-breaking, unless that other person is Tom Brady. His losses are to be celebrated. I say this mostly because I am a Seahawks fan and am fine seeing the Patriots knocked down a peg. There is actually a bit […]

  • Is Slack’s Team Communication App Attempting to Murder Email?

    What’s the deal with Slack? No, it’s not the beginning of a Jerry Seinfeld joke. But it is a question I was recently asked by a client. He had stumbled upon this new communication tool featured in Inc. magazine called Slack, and apparently it’s taking the business world by storm. In his research, my client […]

  • What Quality Hardware has to do With My Omelets – and Your Business

    I have always enjoyed cooking. Though I have tried working on a variety of different culinary subsets, my specialties generally hover around the grill and the breakfast table. To the surprise of many friends, I even went through a salad phase – finding fun different ways to make them; I was never able to enjoy […]

  • IT Goal Setting as a New Year’s Resolution

    Well, friends, 2016 is finally here. Time to reset, refresh, and resolve to do things better than last year. This is the time of year when the word “goals” come to mind a lot, often so much so that it is common to push it back with a few glasses of wine. The problem with […]

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