Archive: July 2011

  • 30 Years of MS-DOS: A Retrospective

    Read time (bolded): 3 minutes Read time (comprehensive): 5 minutes   Strip away the 3D rendering and the translucent menus. Forget about drop down menus, scroll bars, and handy application icons. Abandon your mouse. Get rid of all the flash of the OS interface as we know it, and look back three decades to that […]

  • The Smartphone Revolution

    Read time (bolded): 5 minutes Read time (comprehensive): 3 minutes    There is no question that we are in the midst of a mobile Internet explosion. Smartphones, namely Android and iPhone products, are flying off the shelves in record numbers (not to mention tablets/iPads).  The advent of 4G networks, incorporated Flash software, and the ever-increasing […]

  • Battle of The Servers: Cloud vs. Dedicated

    Read time (bolded): 6 Minutes Read time (comprehensive): 8 minutes   As the Internet expands and new technologies develop (as they always do), there must be a debate over new versus old; whether a new technology is too unreliable, or an old technology is too archaic. Presently, that very argument is taking place regarding hosting technology. […]

  • The Internet Regulation Debate

    Read time (bolded): 4 minutes Read time (comprehensive): 7 minutes   The conversation has been going on for years, but in the past several months, a particularly hot topic has come back into the public discussion. That topic, subject of much debate around the world, is Internet regulation. The issue is on the tongues of […]

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