Archive: June 2011

  • Best Practices for Stronger Passwords

      Read time (bolded): 2 minutes Read time (comprehensive): 5 minutes Password security, as all Internet users should be aware, is the first line of defense against any breach of your personal information. Creating strong passwords can keep your accounts safe. Changing them regularly will keep your accounts even safer! There are a variety of […]

  • Simple Maintenance for PC Longevity

        Read time (bolded): 4 minutes Read time (comprehensive): 8 minutes   Nobody likes a broken computer, that moment when you realize just how loud the fan is, or how long it’s taking to load some small file. There’s also, of course, the gut wrenching, panic inducing Blue Screen of Death. Suddenly, you become […]

  • QR Codes: Necessity of Novelty?

    Read time (bolded): 5 minutes Read time (comprehensive): 9 minutes If somehow you’ve missed the recent marketing craze over QR codes, there’s no doubt that you would recognize one, even if you have no idea what it’s for or what it’s called. QR codes, or Quick Response codes are essentially a new version of a […]

  • How-To: Make the Best of Online Tutorials

    Read time (bolded)- 2 minutes Read time (comprehensive)- 8 minutes So you want to learn something new? Maybe learn how to play the guitar, crochet a sweater, or design web pages? Well, instead of attending college courses to that take time out of your already busy schedule, try using freely available (as in, no cost) […]

  • Prying Eyes: A Primer for Responsible Social Networking

    Read time (bolded) – 5 minutes Read time (comprehensive) – 8 minutes   We’ve all heard the chatter: murmurs about a teenage girl losing her job because of a Facebook status update, or some guy calling in sick to work, only to have his (dated) fishing trip photos making the rounds on Flickr. As social […]

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