Archive: April 2011

  • How Anonymous Are You?

      Read time (bolded) – 5 minutes Read time (comprehensive) – 9 minutes   Surfing the Internet might feel like about the most anonymous thing you can do. If you aren’t logged into a social network, no one sees your name, your face, anything. It feels as though you’re free to peruse the web alone, […]

  • Understanding Website Certificates

    Read Time (bolded): 3 Minutes Read Time (Comprehensive): 5 Minutes The Internet can be a dangerous place. We’re constantly reminded to update our antivirus software, to maintain the firewall, to protect our identities at all costs. Fortunately for the amateur web-surfer, a good deal of reputable websites are interested in your protection as well (it […]

  • What To Do With Old Tech?

    Read time (bolded): 5 minutes Read Time (comprehensive): 8 minutes Old technology? Well you know what they say about, “one man’s trash …”‘ One option is frequenting the numerous online buyback programs and trade-in services to sell your less than fresh technology. According to an evaluation done by PC World, eBay Instant Sale is great for smart phones and […]

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